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Crushed Granite Patios
What You Need to Know Before You Install

Crushed granite patios have been used on castle grounds and back yards, desert landscapes and fire pits. This versatile material really gets around!

Use it to combine materials, stretch your budget, or create a softer feel underfoot.


Material Comparison

What's the difference between all of these materials? TONS of difference.

Gravel is pretty rough and could contain larger stones. With larger stones, it may naturally be a bit more uneven to walk on. It will also look... like a gravel driveway. I wouldn't recommend gravel.

Crushed granite or decomposed granite has small pieces and compacts well. This means your patio will be a pleasure to walk on.

If you're thinking pea gravel, a word of caution. Pea gravel has rounded edges. Yes, it looks wonderful, but it's a bit like walking on sand (or marbles). It doesn't usually make a great patio. You could use it as an accent -- so long as you don't have to walk on it.


These patios need good installation (just like any patio). Make sure it's well-leveled and has good drainage.

Consider timber edging, concrete bullet edgers, or dress it up with brick.


The Pro Side

The Con Side

  • It tracks slightly, so you wouldn't want it right outside any door to your house.
  • Over time, it will need replenishing.
  • Doesn't work well for main pathways.


Make sure you have landscaping fabric installed under your patio. It will prevent weeds from growing up through.

Patio design considers your furniture, layout, and activities. Plan your crushed granite patio now for beautiful results later.

The easiest way to combine materials on a patio -- have fun with the border! Brick or stone tile (or flagstone) show off well next to granite.

Overall, crushed granite patios are under-used. It's a shame, really. With a little creative thinking, a beautiful patio can be designed that you will love for years to come.

Take time for design!

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