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Edible Landscape Design
5 Questions You Should Ask


Make your landscaping produce! Edible landscape design -- front yard, back yard, or in containers, it will bless your home. Simple tips will help you make it beautiful, too.

This year, I was given some lovely herbs (thanks, mom!). Parsley and cilantro. I wanted these babies close at hand (and easily recognizable), so I simply potted them. Ta-da! So easy.

All season, I've been able to quickly snip fresh parsley for recipes -- gourmet without even trying.

However, if you are planting your tomatoes with your shrubbery, think. How will this impact your plantings?

  1. Do you intend to use herbicides? If so, you may want to move your veggies to a protected place or change up your maintenance.

  2. What structures might you need? If you grow tomatoes, you'll want something gorgeous for them to climb on -- not the standard tomato cage.

  3. Will you have a hole in your landscaping? Are you planting annuals like beans or peas? If so, will you be able to keep this up every year. If not, you may have to fill that space with something else.

  4. What does the plant look like? Simple design should not be done away with -- that's the whole point of having edibles in your landscape.

  5. Is your entire yard going edibles? (Not a Spiraea in sight?). The easiest way to do this is to

Wisconsin Edible Landscaping Plants (just a peak)

I LOVE the huge look of rhubarb. Definitely one to consider for texture. LOVE. Easy to grow, too. My mom tossed a bunch of hers into the woods, and it still survived.

Another staple is chives -- although if you let them go to seed, you'll have starters springing up. Got that reminder this spring. ;)

Blueberries are a good choice in Wisconsin, too -- we even have a native blueberry bush. They're not aggressive like other berry bushes...

Plants to watch out for -- raspberries or blackberries are aggressive spreaders. Don't plant them unless you can contain them. They send underground runners everywhere.

Grapes -- lovely plant that needs taming. Typically gets large and is heavy when grapes are ripe -- make sure whatever it is climbing on is strong enough for it.

Easy edible -- tomatoes. Have your kids plant some and watch them gobble up the veggies.

Make sure to plant for pollination -- You'll need more than one variety for this.

There are a lot of edible plants for your edible landscape design. You'll be looking at them in a whole new way when you consider how beautiful they are.

Edible landscape design is more than just the plants; it's about beauty. Just as you would plan your shrubs and flowers, plan your edibles -- their textures, colors, and shape all impact your final design.

Above all, make your design fit your style.

Take time for design!

A Selection of Books to Help You

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