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Outdoor Patio Tile
Ideas and Inspiration

Outdoor patio tile transforms your outdoors into an extension of your home...beautifully. What a great way to start that outdoor room!


Choosing the right material is important. Think about the overall look that you want. Are you craving stone? Open for new ideas in concrete? A few ideas and tips below can get you on the right track.


How about the much-coveted slate in a dark charcoal color? (Wouldn't your family love it?) Imagine using this in your dining area indoors and then right out the door onto a raised patio. Chic!


How about travertine -- the fine Italian stone? Oh, so fabulous around the pool.

Limestone is a classic choice for homes and patios, too. In the Chippewa Valley, limestone is widely available for patios, decorative stone walls, and retaining walls. If you look around, you can also see it used on our local buildings.

Flagstone has a random pattern and, therefore, a more casual look. I love the variety of colors available. To dress up flagstone, surround it with a stone tile border.

There is faux stone tile available for the outdoors, too. It's concrete in a whole new way. Get Creative has faux stone tile available for you!

Surprise! Concrete is also a great outdoor patio tile. Cut a plain concrete patio in a diamond shape pattern. Voila! Instant tile look.

Concrete stepping stones make an interesting tile patio. For a twist, have the kids prepare concrete stepping stones with their hand prints in them (or foot prints!). Place them among the plain stepping stones for a personalized look.


For a modern patio, try all square concrete stepping stones -- with just a few circular ones inserted. An interesting work of art -- in your garden.

Don't forget stamped concrete. There are lots of 'flavors' of stamped concrete. It's a great look.

More Ideas

Stone tiles can let you replicate some of the great interior tile patterns like the light/dark pattern of a black and white tile floor. Drama! Gotta love that.

Deck tiles are now available for quick resurfacing. I found some beautiful teak outdoor tile at Bellacor.

. Set of Ten Natural Finish Le Click Exclusive Premium Teak Floor Tiles

Outdoor patio tile can be combined with brick.

A large patio area that is tiled could have a brick or tile 'area rug'.

Have fun with the borders of your patio. Mix materials and colors. This is also a great way to integrate bolder colors into a more neutral design. Just a splash of color on the border!

As you can see, outdoor patio tile has a lot of possibilities. This is also a great time to stand out a little from the neighbors. Make it one-of-a-kind!

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