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Stone Patio Pictures
Pictures of Patios, Flagstone Patios, Pebble Mosaic

Stone patio pictures showcase amazing stone in a variety of styles -- flagstone, pebbles, cobbles combined with brick. Outdoor stone tile dresses your garden with a little elegance, too.

Be prepared. Stone is a magnetic element. Use a little, and you'll want more!


Stone can be really colorful.




You can see here just how beautiful stone tile can be. The subtle color changes make decorating a delight.


This front walk is one that I designed to look like huge, stone tiles. It's actually stamped concrete.

You could easily adapt this idea to a backyard patio design.


This amazing pathway converges onto a small, decorative patio area. I love the imaginative use of cobblestones.


Pebbles, anyone? Tons of work, but so inspiring. If you're enthusiastic and motivated, you could create something this outstanding.

Intimidated? Just create a smaller medallion or edging detail with pebbles. Contrasting colors will help it to stand out.

Use pebble tiles to save yourself tons of work -- it will still look amazing.


Plantings like this make a patio interesting. Want to use this design idea? It's best for a patio in which people will be walking only -- like a public space.

One larger planting bed within a patio can break it up for interesting entertainment possibilities.


Slate tile can be used in a variety of styles -- very classic.


Old world patio styles warm up with flagstone.

Natural flagstone, cobblestone, stone tile, or even pebbles create a timeless patio no matter what style you have in mind.

Do you want to go beyond stone patio pictures? Grab some design tips and go for it!

Take time for design!

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